Uday, Qusai, and the Phoenix Program

Eli Stephens elishastephens at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 24 17:58:00 MDT 2003

Following along the lines of something I posted yesterday (but vastly more
interesting and better written):

A Nation of Assassins


What do you call it when George W. Bush, without provocation and based on
false pretenses, sends an army to invade a foreign nation; and then, without
any attempt to negotiate a surrender, effect an arrest, or put this nation's
leaders on trial and present evidence of their crimes, instead puts
multimillion dollar bounties on their heads, relies on collaborators and
spies to track them down, and then corners them and blows them away in their
homes, in their own country?

Do you call it what the Israelis, who lately have done it hundreds of times,
call it? A targeted kill?

What would you call it if Saddam Hussein hunted down and killed George
Bush's daughters in Texas? Cold-blooded murder?

How about calling this sort of behavior assassination?
In 1967 the CIA created the infamous Phoenix Program to neutralize -- which
meant to hunt down through informants and then kill, capture, torture and
detain indefinitely -- a revolving annual door of some 70,000 members of
Communist and Nationalist insurgents, and anyone supporting them politically
or administratively, in their own country.

The United States government admits that the CIA killed some 25,000 people
through the Phoenix Program. It did successfully and gleefully neutralize
some hundreds of thousands altogether. They know how to do it and they're
ready to cast the Phoenix spell worldwide.
>From now on, Bush alone chooses who lives or dies, and no one can stop him.
It is the One Commandment that the American empire is based upon. And that's
how we have become a nation of assassins, void of conscience.

Call it Apotheosis by the Divine Right of Execution. Or call it what it
really is: sick.

Full: http://www.counterpunch.org/valentine07242003.html

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