Funny shit from the rutgers crisis vis. palestine

M. Junaid Alam junaidalam at
Thu Jul 24 23:10:07 MDT 2003

These days "right to resist occupation" is translated as "sanctioning
mass murder", according to Republican Senate President Bennet. Having
just finished for the second time--first time in 8 years--Malcolm X's
autobiography I think he would have a real laugh with this further
example of grotesque white racist inversion of reality and obsession
with self.

 Couple this with the NYTimes story about DeLay and his Christian
Zionism, and I find it increasingly impossible to believe this
delusional denial on the left about the existence of a Christian-Jewish
Zionist cabal.

This is definitely the new mode of racism accompanying imperialism;
judging from the mafia and murderous language about killing Iraqis, the
total apathy in military and public society about even the numbers of
civilian and military casualties they suffered, and the total
mindlessness of discourse about "remnants" and "al-qaeda types" as
putting up the resistance in Iraq, it is safe to say the Arabs are the
new 'niggers' or 'gooks' of our period.

I am also very fond of the idea that this little meeting will
"intimidate Jewish students". Apparently the Palestinians about their
age getting tortured beaten locked up and shot are not "harassed", but
automatically the demand for freedom for Palestinians is a "harassment"
of Jewish students. Not to speak of the insidious strategy here of this
group speaking in the name of all Jewish students, as if being a Jew
means you automatically grovel before Israel. Anyway according to this
logic, no one should talk about black rights either then because, why,
the white students signed up with the KKK would also feel "harassed".

Jewish group wants forum relocated from Rutgers
The Associated Press

TRENTON, N.J. - Republican Senate President John Bennett joined a Jewish
group on Thursday in calling for a pro-Palestinian conference to be
relocated from Rutgers University.

Bennett and leaders of the Riverdale, N.Y.-based Coalition for Jewish
Concerns object to having the third National Student Conference on the
Palestine Solidarity Movement held at the public university.

The conference, which is scheduled for Oct. 10-12, will include sessions
on how students can pressure schools to stop investing in companies that
do business with Israel, as well as cultural events and rallies to
support the formation of an independent Palestinian homeland.

Its host is a Rutgers student group, New Jersey Solidarity. Gov. James
E. McGreevey and Rutgers President Richard L. McCormick say they
disagree with the group's views but support its right to express them.

Bennett agreed the group has a right to its views: "I simply believe it
should not happen with the support of any taxpayer or public dollars."

Representatives from the Coalition for Jewish Concerns said state
officials have not gone far enough in investigating the Rutgers student
group and its connection to other groups.

Bennett and the coalition referred to a phrase from New Jersey
Solidarity's Web site about "Palestinians' human right to resist
occupation and oppression by any means necessary."

"I don't believe that the taxpayers of New Jersey should support a group
that sanctions acts of mass murder," Bennett said.

Rabbi Shmuel Herzfeld said the conference will intimidate Jewish
students and the governor is wrong to allow it.

"It's not at all clear to many of us that he has to let the conference
go on because of the First Amendment," Herzfeld said.

The coalition has started a petition protesting the conference, and
Herzfeld said it is prepared to take legal action.


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