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Armand Diego causebellum at
Thu Jul 24 23:54:34 MDT 2003


"I want to second what José has written. I have
> mixed feelings about David's  participation on the
> He has been unsubbed twice by me for stepping
> > out of bounds and once by himself when he got fed
> up with the list.

I support Jurriam on this one, and others. Jose and
Lou seem to forget where they come from, the SWP, who
used the same threats and expulsions at any hint of
political disagreements.

Try to make the break complete.  Including their
methods. Remember, many of you were kicked out for
having differences. Don't over-react to differences.
Let's build a new consciousness of democratic

DMS is an intelligent, able comrade.  I don't always
agree with him, but he certainly try to explain his
point of view. Those in the list that write him off
are doing it at their own peril. Socialist ideas are
not build in vacuum, but in the terrain of debate.



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