enough Goff (and this thread)

Xenon Zi-Neng Yuan wenhuadageming at comcast.net
Thu Jul 24 23:55:00 MDT 2003

argh...  oh well, just one more thing...

>Actually, because you haven't noticed, let me point
>out to you how Rummy violated the Powell doctrine. His
>idea of the US forces is more special forces centric,
>and he doesn't mind using troops as pawns on the chess
>board. In other words, he doesn't mind seeing a few
>die, unlike Powell who would use smart weapons again
>and again, along with all the dumb ones, before
>sacrificing one drop of precious AMERICAN blood.

i apologize, i did conflate the two somewhat (the so-called rumsfeld and
powell doctrines).  that i concede.  still, rumsfeld and wolfowitz are on
record for wildly underestimating the size of troop deployment.  that's
what i was getting at.  you still seem to think rumsfeld is a sinister
genius though.

the rest of your mostly personal attacks against me i feel is unnecessary
for me to respond to.

grumpy, arrogant old marxists like you (i assume you identify as one) are
one reason i and so many other "kiddies" (esp. of color) take so long to
embrace a full-on class analysis.


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