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Charles Jannuzi b_rieux at yahoo.com
Fri Jul 25 00:07:59 MDT 2003

Xenon, light of my life writes:

>>argh...  oh well, just one more thing...

i apologize, i did conflate the two somewhat (the
so-called rumsfeld and
powell doctrines).  that i concede.  still, rumsfeld
and wolfowitz are on
record for wildly underestimating the size of troop
deployment.  that's
what i was getting at.  you still seem to think
rumsfeld is a sinister
genius though.<<

Oh, for crying out loud, the problem the US military
has in imposing the rule of force on Iraq  is one it's
always had. All those guys (and Jessicas) in the rear
sitting on their rears, and not enough people out
front actually doing anything useful. Cripes, they
couldn't even replace the Iraqi police force in one
metropolitan area in Iraq, even though they had over
200,000 troops deployed in the theatre. They can drop
laser guided bombs, but they can't police an
intersection. They should have just paid the UK forces
to take the whole country. It still would have been
all out imperialist aggression in a grand old way, but
at least the British have figured out how to keep
casualties on both sides down somewhat. The US
version, if you kill one of us, many of you will die.
That's not even good imperialism. It's more like the
French in Algeria and Vietnam--an empire on its last

>>the rest of your mostly personal attacks against me
i feel is unnecessary
for me to respond to.<<

So long as I don't have to conflate you with a serious
discussant anymore, don't worry.

>>grumpy, arrogant old marxists like you (i assume you
identify as one) are
one reason i and so many other "kiddies" (esp. of
color) take so long to
embrace a full-on class analysis.<<

Well, as usual, you assume too much. Now give back the
keyboard to mommie and daddy before someone hurts
their brain.




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