Support our rent-a-cops, too!

Charles Jannuzi b_rieux at
Fri Jul 25 00:42:24 MDT 2003

It's good for the bottom line of a lot of companies
connected with the US federal services racket and
allows us to export that expertise in services!

1/2 of article follows:

Pentagon's private force to guard Iraq sites

The Pentagon plans to form a private Iraqi security
force to replace the US troops guarding up to 2,000
sites in the country.

Former Iraqi soldiers armed with small weapons would
patrol oil pipelines and government buildings under
the scheme.

The force would provide jobs to thousands of Iraqi
soldiers left unemployed since the collapse of Saddam
Hussein's regime, and relieve US troops who are facing
a rise in guerrilla attacks.

A senior military official told the New York Times:
"The idea, first and foremost, is to have Iraqis
providing security for Iraq, at places like the
National Museum and other fixed sites, and there are
civilian companies that do this very well.

"An added benefit it that we definitely want to reduce
the load on American soldiers."

Pentagon officials hope the force, which would be
separate from the new Iraqi Army and Iraqi police
force, would help ease the tensions generated by the
US occupation.

But there are also fears that giving more arms to
former Iraqi soldiers would create a greater security
risk to American troops.

The US Defence Department is in talks with private
security firm Kroll Inc, to set up the force.



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