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This may come as a surprise, but I have second thoughts about being on the
list, too.  And I ask for no leniency here.

I don't believe I have presented a position without seeking to develop the
reasons behind the position.  I haven't seen anyone of the BTTHN group
explain why the anti-war movement died after 1972 while the war raged on.

Oh, that's a sectarian question?

My personal history is not at issue, unless somebody wants to sleep with me
or employ me.  I'm not looking for either here.

I value information provided on the list. I regard political positions
advanced as not dictates from god of 1s and 0s to be absorbed and
retransmitted without analysis.

We have had remarks made about "kicks in the head" "shots to the head,"
deliberate distortions of postings, snide remarks about "read Marx, please"
and more snide remarks about reading Marx as a religious exercise, although
that doesn't apply its seems when someone wants to bring out that holy of
holies, Lenin's Left Wing Communism.

I know consistency isn't always a virtue... but take your leniency and your
patience and bestow them on somebody else.


That's David Schanoes

Note to the Monster of the Midway, cheese Dick Butkus: Jefferson High

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> >I want to ask everyone else on the list, what's the point of discussing
> >this with this person? This is the most primitive, mindless, infantile
> >kind of sectarian ultraleftism imaginable. The demand is "inadequate" --
> >well, name me a demand that isn't "inadequate."
> >
> >José
> I want to second what José has written. I have mixed feelings about
> participation on the list. He has been unsubbed twice by me for stepping
> out of bounds and once by himself when he got fed up with the list.
> He is about my age and a NYC professional. In private exchanges with him,
> have learned that he has never belonged to a Marxist organization. His
> brand of radicalism was very popular in the 1960s and he seems to have
> changed very little since the time when he first became politicized.
> The reason I am lenient with him is that he has made it clear to me
> privately that he values the list highly. I am hoping that he can adjust
> the political and social culture of the list, even though it is an uphill
> battle.
> In any case, it probably does not make sense to spend a lot of time in
> debate with him since his views are not reflective of any significant
> section of the movement today. For people who were around in the 60s like
> me, you will remember that this was not the case back then.
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