IRSP Statement on Prison Segregation

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25 July 2003
Irish Republican Socialist Party

Speaking to a meeting of ex-INLA prisoners in Derry City, Mr. Eddie
McGarrigle, a member of the Ard-Chomhairle of the IRSP, said:

"Given the continuing dirty protest at Maghaberry involving
Republican prisoners, it is imperative that a united stance be taken
by all Republicans in support of segregation. The IRSP fully support
the right of the Republican prisoners to segregation.

"We clearly recognise that they are political prisoners involved in a
legitimate form of protest within the jail. As a former prisoner
myself, I fully understand the frustrations that have driven the
prisoners to undertake a dirty protest. I call on all former INLA
prisoners to come out on demonstrations in support of the call for
segregation no matter who calls those demonstrations.

"But the IRSP would like to see, instead of the current divisions
between Republicans, a unified campaign. Disunity among Republican
parties weakens the possibility of winning the justified demands of
the prisoners.

"The IRSP are calling for the establishment of a broad based
committee comprising representatives of all Republican groups and
other supporters to take up the demand for segregation. The history
of the H-Block mass struggles during the '81 hunger strikes show what
can be achieved by a unified campaign drawing support from a wide

Mr. McGarrigle concluded:

"Such support for the prisoners should not be seen as an endorsement
for the continuation of armed struggle by Republican groups. The IRSP
are very clear about the futility of the continuation of armed
actions at this time. It is clear that the vast majority of
Republicans as well as the vast majority of the Irish people reject
armed struggle as a current tactic. We urge other Republicans to take
the political road. It is the only way forward to progress Republican


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