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Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Fri Jul 25 08:59:10 MDT 2003

>Actually I am quite shocked by what Charles Januzzi has written
>here.  There is absolutely no excuse for this type of language between
>comrades, unless there is a medical condition, in which case I would be
>sympathetic but would still insist on retraction and or apology.

Unfortunately I made the mistake to allow Schanoes to resub. Every time he
has participated on the list, he has helped to polarize things. I believe
that if he hadn't shown up, Januzzi would have not gone off the deep end.

I think the phenomenon we are dealing with is a well-known one. It can be
seen on Doug Henwood's email list where threads go on for weeks and people
routinely post 8 times a day. The debates tend to involve issues in which
there can only be one "winner". For example, they are debating Stalin of
all things right now. Berkeley professor and ex-Clinton official Brad
DeLong is accusing people of being shills for Stalin, while his adversaries
are bringing up Henry Kissinger. As if they haven't heard this all before.

This leads me to make an observation about the kind of postings I would
like to see here. Although I am not interested in establishing some kind of
rigid rules, I think that you should generally be able to make all the
points you need to make in a debate in 4 or 5 posts a day. I told Schanoes
offlist that he was posting too frequently. Instead of posting 3-paragraph
messages 8 to 10 times a day, he should post half as often and double up
the length of the posts. Since he seemed to be the only person given to
such excesses, perhaps it is a moot point.

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