Fw: PRIORITY!! Iraqi CP (Cadre) Appeal. Must read!

Pieinsky pieinsky at igc.org
Fri Jul 25 09:13:25 MDT 2003

Dear Jay,

I obtained this statement this morning on a
Progressive Egyptian group website.  It's a slightly
more recent (20 July 2003) statement from the Iraqi
Communist Party (Cadre) (a dissident splinter of the
ICP).  I think you and your readers will find this
extremely interesting.  Feel free to circulate it as
widely as possible.  I think they deserve solidarity
and support (and at least publicity).

Apparently the ICP leadership's willingness to join
Bremer's council has even freaked out the Syrian
Communist Party (who are not exactly rabble rousers).
But they're not alone.  Bremer seduced the head of the
Iraqi Muslim Brotherhood fundamentalist group into
joining the council too, and that has freaked out the
Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood!

One thing I want to highlight about this statement
(which is full of interesting stuff). Note that they
say "No" to any "international troops" in Iraq - that
would cover Americans, British, AND the UN troops that
Bush is trying to bring into Iraq to cover his
bleeding arse.




Appeal to Fraternal and Friendly Communist Parties,
The Iraqi Communist Party (Cadre)
July 20, 2003

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