Hallucinations of cronyism

Mark Lause MLause at cinci.rr.com
Fri Jul 25 10:05:00 MDT 2003

The implication that this is list is dominated by a number of people who
are all bosom buddies from thirty years back is not only a feeble
attempt at slander, but hysterically funny to the few people familiar
with our pasts.

Not only don't I know most of the people I'm agree with on this list,
but at the time I was in the SWP with Louis and Jose, we disagreed so
vehemently that it led to my expulsion.  One of the key touchstones of
this was that some of us believed there should be no contradiction
between building a mass movement around the BTTHN slogan and behaving
like socialists within that movement.  I had no contract with either of
them for many years, until another old comrade put us in touch.  ...And
we've butted heads over other issues on the list.  Of course, I have a
great appreciation and respect for all of my old comrades who are still
in the fight (a large number, btw), regardless of the intensity of our
past disputes.  But we're hardly the old cronies implied by some.

One of the main reasons we clashed in the early 1970s was that I saw no
contradiction for socialists to build a mass movement AND behave more
distinctively as socialists within it. It is an important discussion of
issues we are likely to face again.  It is too bad that those promising
such a discussion were more interested in either typing to hear their
own keys click, the distillation of the correct magic incantations, or
millenarian moralizing.

Mark L.

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