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renatopompeu renatopompeu at bol.com.br
Fri Jul 25 11:56:41 MDT 2003

If marxists used against the ruling classes one tenth of 
the energy with which they quarrel among themselves, the 
fight against capitalism would be in much better a shape 
than now.
Why this much ado for nothing? Why all these purges? Can 
anybody explain to me all that in terms of class 
Renato Pompeu
> > Why don't you start by proving you are a real person?
  Or better
> > yet, give the keyboard back to mommie and daddy?
> spoken like a real macho clown
> > First, I think Stan doesn't know much of what he asse
rts authority
> > about. Second, I disagree with his program. As I said
 before, if you
> > like what he writes so much, go to another list. He d
oesn't write
> > for this list anymore.
> if lou doesnt unsub you Januzzi, i would be more than h
appy to.
> les schaffer

Acabe com aquelas janelinhas que pulam na sua tela.
AntiPop-up UOL - É grátis!

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