This List Kicks Ass

Erik Toren ectoren at
Fri Jul 25 12:25:29 MDT 2003

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From: "M. Junaid Alam" <junaidalam at>

> Frankly, I think this list kicks ass. It's the only Marxist list that is
> non-dogmatic, non-party affiliated, that is useful in theory and
> practice that I've come across.

Aside from the Soli and SPUSA lists, this is the ONLY Marxist list that I
belong to.
I have been aroud and seen several ones, but they all end up being Trostky
vs. Stalin vs. Mao discussions or who has right "line".
I don't have the time for that.
Louis Pr. still gets my props.

> Hard to be cronies with
> anyone at the age of 20.

Believe me. You can. You just need to be in the wrong organization for that
to happen. ;)

por el socialismo,
Erik Toren

Not yet a crony at age 33.

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