infantile disorder

Xenon Zi-Neng Yuan wenhuadageming at
Fri Jul 25 13:26:35 MDT 2003

At 05:46 PM 7/25/2003 +0100, Richard Harris wrote:
>I cannot see that it would be right to expel anyone with these views from
>the movement.  I think a failure of the council communist tradition is a
>rejection of using organisations as a vehicle to drive change.  One can do
>this without adopting a Kautskyist theory of the party.  The Bolsheviks up
>to the time their party seized power in Russia seemed to me to be fine as a
>party.  Pannekoek's concerns about party as such stem from the fusion he saw
>in Russia between party and state.  He overreacted to fear organisation as
>such.  Of course, Lenin wrote that the matters that troubled Pannekoek were
>his fears to.  Yet we still had the 10th party congress and Lenin's role in
>it.  I suggest Pannekoek's criticism of the path the Russian party-state
>leadership were following in their isolation was insightful.  This is not to
>detract in any way from Lenin's great achievements.  It is to wonder, as
>Bordiga proposed, that the Russian movement might well have progressed
>better if the leadership of the Russian state was given to the international
>movement, rather than the Russian party leadership.
>That's why I don't think this text of Lenin's is a trump card at all.

my primary intention was not to "trump" anyone, although i don't claim that
there wasn't any trace of such emotional sentiment somewhere inside me.

if, in light of the history you cite (re: pannekoek and council communism),
the use of lenin's "infantile disorder" is not the proper thing to use in
the context i used it (where i believed - and others are free to continue
debating this with civility - that the positions of dms and cj on the
anti-war movement smelled of ultra-leftism), i am more than happy to hear
of other suggestions though.


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