Xenon’s self-doubts

Chris Brady cdbrady at attglobal.net
Fri Jul 25 13:35:56 MDT 2003

As for doubts about contributions based on one's age, or learning, or
sex, or “race”, I think we are all in process.  Absolutist positions
should be avoided.  The dialectic is organic (in the Gramscian sense,
too).  Those who know everything have passed beyond the material realm.
As comrades, we should be self-supportive in our self-critique.

I don’t think the offering of Lenin’s article on Ultra-leftism and the
Infantile Disorder was inappropriate.  Noting the insinuations and
outright disrespect shown against Xenon because of youth, it was
poetically satisfying to me to observe such a restrained and sensitive
rejoinder that brought in notions of relative age!

Now I must be off.
Time presses on.

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