David Schanoes Replies Off-List on Piss-Poor Performance

Jurriaan Bendien bendien at tomaatnet.nl
Fri Jul 25 16:27:53 MDT 2003

1.A copy of your reply to me has been sent my way. I don't know exactly what
point it is you're trying to make re: BTTHN.  My point was never that BTTHN
was at fault for not ending the war, or creating a movement strong enough to
end the war.   My point was that BTTHN prevented the development of such a
movement, and failed in what others think it did-- create a mass-movement
that forced the bourgeoisie to stop the war.

2. Regarding your other remarks-- such as they were-- my complaints about
other's conduct were never addressed to the moderator for action, nor were
they couched as appeals to the rest of the list.  I had a complaint with
your language, I took it up with you, and then explained to all on the list,
that I did not want to get involved in that sort of physical talk because I
took it real seriously.

3. Similarly my complaint with ML was directed to him, not the moderator.
ML had it coming.  I stand by my description of him as a motherfucking liar.
And I was calling him out.  I only regret that I  didn't do it privately,
because that truly did not belong as a posting.  But motherfucking liar he
is.  He can be on any list he wants.  l could care less if he stayed on
Marxmail, and I never would have initiated critiques of his position, just
as I never responded to any of your posts given the pre-existing volatility.

4. My views I think are relatively clear and well-supported regarding BTTHN,
the US Civil War, Imperialism, Nationalism, black labor, Overproduction and
Oil.  I believe it is the content of those views that should determine my
place or lack thereof in any discussion group.  And I believe it was
precisely that content that frightened so many retired SWPers.

5. Questions that nobody answered are what exactly is involved in saying you
support "our troops" in Iraq.  Anybody who thinks you can say both Support
Our Troops and Out now is mistaken and misguided. You go debate that with
any military officer in front of the rank and file.  He'll ask you what I
asked.  Then he'll turn to the rank and file and say:

"For all his support, this guy (meaning you) will leave your ass exposed.
WE all know advance or withdrawal, assault or retreat, it all comes down to
the same thing, proper planning to prevent piss poor performance, and piss
poor performance in this case means no air cover, no re-supply, no flanking
patrols, no forward observation.  Poor performance in this case, in advance
or withdrawal, isn't a grade on a report card.  It's the difference between
breathing and not breathing."  I know what I'm talking about, believe me.

And every mother's son or daughter in uniform will follow that officer back
into battle, while you're left standing there holding your yellow ribbons
and asking where did everyone go?

6. No need to respond. Prefer you don't.

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