Reply to Mark Lause on David Schanoes

Jurriaan Bendien bendien at
Fri Jul 25 18:07:51 MDT 2003

Hi Mark,

Why post this ? Well, for the sake of clarity.

David's central point is that BTTHN prevented the development of a movement
strong enough to end the war, and failed in what others think it did, namely
create a mass-movement that forced the bourgeoisie to stop the war.

This however begs the following questions:

(1) Is this historical and political assessment accurate ?
(2) If so, are the proponents of BTTHN wrong or unrealistic in their stance
(3) If so, then what would be a more effective alternative political
approach ?
(4) Could the campaigns for BTTHN be a useful "stepping stone" to other
political objectives ?

David Schanoes fails to address all these questions systematically and
thoroughly. He just implies that the proponents of BTTHN are political
idiots, easily eclipsed by the machinations of bourgeois politicians, and
apart from that, he engages in some innuendo with regard to my personal
situation. But this isn't a basis for any constructive discussion on
Marxmail List.


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