White academics

David Quarter davidquarter at sympatico.ca
Fri Jul 25 18:09:14 MDT 2003

Quoting: "Craven, Jim" <jcraven at clark.edu>

> David Quarter summarily asserts:
> >>There are NO ignorant "white academics", or "white activists". There
> are ignorant academics/activists who happen to be of Italian, German, Dutch,
> English, Anglo-saxon, Scottish, Spanish, Basque, Catalonian, mixed European,
> etc. origin. I suspect that foreknowledge of  their "race" does little to
> explain their ignorance.<<
> Response Jim C: This statement reminds me of some typical whites who scream
> they have no part in racism because subjectively they have no racist
> feelings and THEIR relatives had no part in slavery... This is a refusal to
> acknowledge that this system was founded, built and run on racism, genocide,
> exploitation and the conferring of "white privilege" even on those who never
> actually sought it.The point is that this system, and those who run it and
> benefit most from it do not need to explicitly lay out and confer white
> privilege, and acknowledge that is what they are doing, they just do it.

  Not denying this. The point is that you clearly aren't distinguishing
between the different layers of "whiteness", the different hierarchies
and ethnic statuses within the so-called "white race".  you should (
but you do not) define clearly what you mean by "white" when talk
about the white academics/activists.

I'm sure you're aware of the fact that not all so-called "white" ethnic
groups benifit/ed too well from, what you refer to as, "white

So when you say to me: those "white" people  (an assertion I hear
constantly from my "coloured" friends and family members), you
are indicating a level of ignorance about race.


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