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Sat Jul 26 07:33:16 MDT 2003

This is ridiculous. This is sheer fetishism of words. No ***slogan*** -- as
'clear' or 'pc' or whatever, "entails an end" to a war or "stops any such
movement and allows the recuperationists to commandeer the movement."
Living people with (or without) a program do those things. If a movement
raises the demand to "bring the trrops home now," we -- the few of us there
are -- should be in the thick of it pushing it forward, without getting all
bent out of shape regarding the choice of words.


At 07:58 PM 7/24/2003 -0400, you wrote:
>Date: Thu, 24 Jul 2003 18:09:10 -0700
>From: "dms" <dmschanoes at>
>Subject: Re: RE: Re: Bring the Troops Home Now/Support the Troops
>I don't at all understand what it is you're trying to do.. and I don't think
>I have to satisfy that.
>What I have stated is that BTTHN is inadequate to addressing the struggle
>that is the real source of the war; that BTTHN couches itself in patriotic
>jargon, just look at the stuff that accompanies the great majority of
>presentations of BTTHN-- "this war isn't worth one American life."; that
>BTTHN rather than moving the "95% of those without a concept of class"  to a
>concept of class, stops any such movement and allows the recuperationists to
>commandeer the movement.  I have stated that by not facilitating this
>transition to a class analysis, the bourgeoisie are able to obscure the
>essential characteristic of a class struggle, beg for more time within the
>patriotic trappings of BTTHN and once they do get the troops home, continue
>the war with greater or lesser ferocity but continue the war.  I direct you
>to the fate of the VN anti-war movement  and the ferocious assaults made by
>US supported and supplied forces after the withdrawal of US ground forces.
>I say BTTHN does not entail an end to the war.  Check the timeline for

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