Media Lens on Blair, Kosovo lies, and BBC

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Sat Jul 26 10:30:15 MDT 2003

On Thu, 24 Jul 2003, James Daly wrote:

> MEDIA LENS: Correcting for the distorted vision of the corporate media
> July 24, 2003
> Government Attacks On The BBC Reflect Government Totalitarianism Not
> BBC Radicalism
> Absent Furores
> It is clear that the British government's attacks on the BBC are a
> deliberate attempt to distract attention from a) the dramatic failure
> to find any trace of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, b) the fact
> that the government clearly lied to parliament and country about the
> threat these fictional WMD posed, and c) the fact that a whole range
> of media is openly speculating that the government lied in order to
> persuade the country to go to war.


> The post-war media questioning of government policy is certainly not
> par for the course.


There was really no fuss when the UK government (Blair) lied about
the intervention in Sierra Leone - which was solemnly announced as
an undertaking to evacuate a few hundred UK nationals.

No media questioned why the the UK needed to send such a large force.

The government said that the troops, ships et al would only be out
there for a week - after a week the BBC in their news programmes
commented that that clearly it was obviously not going to be the case.

Any reasonably intelligent person, upon hearing the size of the force
being sent out would have known that those forces had nothing to do
with evacuating civilians and that they were not just going to be out
there for a week - but silence from the media.

One thing that truely amuses me  - and the BBC reaction above is
typical, is the refusal of the media and political critics (sic)
to use the words "lies" and "liar".

"misleading" someone by being manipulative with truth and facts
constitutes the act of lying.

Bush, Blair et al are liars and gangsters (they form gangs).

This should be a time for the Left to speak up because the public needs
another different view - but, alas, where is the Left to be found in
public political life?


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