The heterodox socialist scrapbook Part 1, organisational ABC

Jurriaan Bendien bendien at
Sat Jul 26 11:46:35 MDT 2003

Well folks, I sat here at home looking at all the junk I got to clear up in
my apartment, and I thought I would do some thinking about goalsetting.
Talked to Youssef about it. You might say, why not just clear stuff up,
rather than think about goal-setting or talk about it ? Why make things
complicated ? True, but I want to start off from a good procedure, that I
can keep on using. One gets a lot of interference these days, which destroys
a sense of purpose and dignity, so need to get back to purpose and a sense
of value.  So anyway I dragged out some old NLP pages, and got to work. This
is what I concluded (I have used the pronoun "I" but you could also use


If people (like me) focus a lot on problems, this costs a lot of personal
energy. There is less personal energy left for making future plans, or
looking for available resources that actually help solve problems.

In that case, goal setting (specifying what is to be done) is a way to solve
a few matters, because:

(1) I am emotionally more productively, constructively and creatively
(2) I break through fixated and rigidly upheld ideas, and think about
something new.
(3) I can search in a more focused way, for things that help me along.
(4) I can recognise obstacles that get in the way, better.
(5) I strengthen my own motivation, because I know what I want to achieve.
(6) I have a way of knowing, when I have reached success and when I haven't.

This being so, then I know what I am doing, when I am doing it, rather than
wonder what I am doing or why this is happening.

To set a goal, it is best for me to do at least five operations:

(1) I have to specify in positive terms, which situation I want to achieve
(what needs to happen, positively speaking).
(2) I have to be able to test to what extent I reach my goal - how do I know
I come closer ?
(3) My goal has to be within my own power to reach, I must be able to reach
it myself "under my own steam".
(4) I have to know where, when, and with whom, I want to reach the goal I
have set.
(5) I have to be sure, that if I reach this goal, it does fit with me, and
had more advantages, than disadvantages for me.

In order to reach my goal, I need three or more different ways, or
strategies, to achieve it, so that I always have another way handy for
working towards the goal I have set.

In working towards the goal I have set, it helps to ask a few questions as a
check, namely:

(1) When exactly do I want to have this goal achieved by, in time ?
(2) If I reach this goal, what exactly would I see, hear and feel ?
(3) If I do not reach my goal, what situation would I have instead ?
(4) If I reach my goal, what exactly do I have then, and what exactly have I
got rid of ?
(5) What do I lose now, that I will gain, if I have reached my goal ?
(6) In which situations exactly, do I want to achieve my goal ?
(7) On which things, should the achievement of my goal have no effect at all
(8) If I reach this goal, does that enlarge my personal freedom, or the
freedoms of my group ?
(9) Which actions or behaviour do I have to realise personally, to reach my
goal ?
(10) What is the first step which I need to take, to get closer to my goal ?
(11) Which resources or positive possibilities do I have available now, to
reach my goal ?

That was it,



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