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UK pentecostalist William Spring has called for Christians of all
denominations world wide to seriously consider the question as to
whether or not they are called to  volunteer to fight with the
Fedayeen in Iraq against Coalition forces.

William Spring who is Director of CANA UK (Christians Against Nato
Aggression) an ecumenical group established in London in March 1999 to
oppose the NATO attack on Yugoslavia comments:

"Christians and Muslims need to get together to consider whether their
confessional differences have not been exploited by successive US
administrations in the cause of furthering and expanding the interests
of the American Empire.

For example in the Yugoslav civil wars US policy definitely tilted
towards the Muslims, (as in Bosnia and latterly in Kosovo).

But what was the reason for that orientation?

It was to give the Muslims a bone, when they could not take the whole
carcass (the State of Israel) because of US support for Israel.

By appeasing the Muslims in the Yugoslav wars, (which involved the US
teaming up with Osama bin Laden) the US hoped that the Muslim world
would overlook continued US support for the occupation of Arab lands
by Israel.

A deeper reason driving US policy in separating Bosnia and Kosovo from
the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia was to acquire bases.

Hence Tusla air base, (formerly used by the Yugoslavian air force, but
never used by them for any hostile purpose against any neighbouring
state) has now been taken over by the US and British, in order for the
US and British to conduct bombing raids on Afghanistan and Iraq.

Muslims should be aware that any supposed pro Muslim bias in US policy
either then or at any other time was purely to disguise  US
objectives, always predicated in terms of US national interest, (
which national interest is now identified with the national interest
of the State of Israel).

Now in Iraq, and previously in Afghanistan,  it would appear that the
US is following an anti Muslim agenda.

But this is not the case.

It is really immaterial to the US who controls Iraq, whether they be
Muslims, Christians, Jews or Mennonites, they would still have to be
replaced, if they did not do what America told them.

The America of 2003 is an imperialist colonialist aggressive
corporatist avaricious anti democratic immoral consumerist sex
obsessed anti life polity satiated by drugs and in thrall to a cult of

The decisions of the executive of that state are not determined by any
ethical or legal considerations,  only by realpolitick, considerations
of power, and what can they can get away with.

The Americans are the new Fascists of the  21st century.

Unfortunately they have the support of the UK Prime Minister Tony
Blair, who follows a similar fascist agenda.

Experience has shown Fascists are not to be argued out of their

The protagonists of US power, such as Richard Pearle, are in any case
unable to offer a coherent argument on any point.

The only thing that will convince the Americans that they are ill
suited in their new role as surrogates for the State of Israel  is a
multiplicity of body bags, which is what the Iraqi resistance now
seems to be providing.

But I am concerned lest that resistance consists exclusively of
Islamist forces.

If that happens, at the end of the day, when the Americans are
defeated, and the Iraqi people have come together in celebration and
for a national discussion on the way forward, if the Christians of
Iraq have not played their full part in the resistance against the
Coalition, then their minority rights previously guaranteed by Saddam
Hussein in his secular Republic may be threatened.

Only if Iraqi Christians actively support the resistance, against the
Americans and the British,  will they have any right to a say in the
future format of  a new Iraqi state and constitution.

As in the Palestine conflict, where Christian Arabs and Muslims came
together to oppose occupation, so in Iraq  Christian communities
should give now full support to this new intifada, as only by that
procedure will they have an entitlement for Muslim respect when  the
invader is expelled.

There is a further corollary to this:

in my view all men and women of good will, whatever their religion, or
of no religion, if they are able bodied and have no physical
impediment, or pressing reasons not to participate, and should their
efforts be requested by genuine representatives of the Iraqi people,
they should now be making their way to Iraq to join in an
international brigade to expel the aggressors.

>From my point of view I find it unfortunate some of the troops in Iraq
are British.

The British Government and Parliament committed a treasonable act in
sending our young men and women into a combat zone, to die in a
foreign field, not for England, but for the Heritage Foundation.

But those UK troops now in theatre need not remain there one minute

A contract  between the British armed forces and the Government has
been broken.

When these young men and  women enlisted they understood they were
joining a professional army, not Blair's feudal levy.

They understood they would fight for Queen and country in cases
involving national defence, not becoming participants in aggressive
wars and thus war criminals.

Under the Nuremberg rulings members of the armed forces of a state
faced with the necessity of obeying illegal orders are released from
all such obligations.

British troops now in theatre should request transfer and refuse any
longer to obey orders aimed at the military occupation, subjugation
and enslavement of the Iraqi people.

Volunteers should make their services available to the Iraqi
resistance and there should be organised committees of Iraqis in
Western capitals to assess the value of services offered by such
individuals and to provide logistical support for any Western
volunteers selected to travel to Iraq.

What is at stake in Iraq is a fundamental issue involving the moral
and legal structure of this planet.

I do not want to live in a world where any state can simply invade
another, upon any pretext.

Those who promoted the Iraqi invasion are war criminals.

Until the restoration of an international legal structure a
fundamental right exists to the states of the UN to defend themselves
against aggression, which right is now being exercised by the people
of Iraq.

That right also extends to a request  for  support from other states
and individuals.

The American public education system is a shambles.

Their political establishment is corrupt, (as is the case in the UK.)

The deaths of US service personnel in Iraq are wholly regrettable in
that they were wholly avoidable.

They should never have been sent there in  the first place.

The supposed killings of the sons and the grandson of Saddam Hussein
constitute a war crime by the United States.

Those who rejoice in this atrocity should remember political
assassination is an indiscriminate instrument.

The Pentecostals in the United Kingdom differ from the Pentecostals in
the USA in that we believe, or did believe, and hold to,  pacifist
tenets.  (My own brother was a conscientious objector at the time of
the Suez invasion of

The right not to bear arms was written into the Constitution of our
fellowship. (My late wife's father, now also deceased, was Chairman of
the UK Assemblies of God Bible College,  at a time when Donald Gee was
its Principal. In fact my religious background is not dissimilar to
that of US Attorney-General Ashcroft.)

As time went on I found myself unable to accept the strict tenets of
pacifism and believe now force is justified in a case of national

Because of these beliefs, and because I believe their struggle is
legitimate, I now send my good wishes to the Iraqi resistance and
encourage them to fight on against the US and UK occupiers, until

I also send to the President of Iraq, Saddam Hussein, my condolences
should these  reports of the death of one or both of his sons, and his
grandson, be verified. "


End of statement

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