on graceful exits (was Schanoes want to attack me again)

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Sat Jul 26 12:14:24 MDT 2003

i received an email from David Schanoes offlist this morning. he and i
have been striking up a nice friendship offlist lately.  and he asked
me if there was some way to, in essence, exit more gracefully from
marxmail list.

it bothers him that once he decided to leave the list voluntarily,
people continue to attack him publicly afterwards. he admits its hard
to turn the other cheek (my words, not his).

since i do not see people who unsub or who are unsubbed as being
purged, but see unsubbing more like an act of momentary crowd control
when things get out of hand, perhaps people here want to re-think
getting a last shot in on someone else onlist after they have
departed. for myself i've kept my mouth shut since early yesterday on
you-know-what, and it feels fine.

i understand that David is jerking people's chains with the tone he is
taking with them offlist. he seems comfortable with that somehow in a
way i do not understand and do not care to be a part of myself.  But
all this nonsense might stop if people on list let sleeping (unsubbed)
dogs lie. same for David.

on the other hand, i now ask David (he reads the top 100 passionaetely
i assume) to back off nagging people offlist too. at least, make it
clear your beef with them is private and offlist, and let the list
itself recuperate.

this is the last i have to say on list on the latest round of
unsubbings. and i am tempted to read no more offlist posts on this as
well. i would much rather get into Nestor's exceptionally interesting
response to Jurriaan, posted this morning.

les schaffer

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