Latest News: David Schanoes appreciates having a conduit to Marxmail to get his point of view across anyhow

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Do you permit this type of message, or not ? List rules ?



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You want to post all my remarks JB?  OK, post this one.

IF I catch the drift of Marxmail right,  the primary contradiction is
between oppressed and oppressor nations, but when the oppressor nation
engages in military assaults on oppressed nations, it is the duty of salon
socialists everywhere to support and unfurl the banners saying, "Support Our
Imperial Troops Invading and Occupying the Oppressed Country, Bring Them
Home Now, Intact, Armed, and Ready to Go Again, Since There are More
Countries to Oppress.  You Might Have to Vote for Military Appropriations to
Bring the Assault Forces Home Now, But We'll Talk About That LATER."

It's nice to know I have a direct conduit to the list whenever I want to use

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