on graceful exits (was Schanoes want to attack me again)

Jurriaan Bendien bendien at tomaatnet.nl
Sat Jul 26 14:35:59 MDT 2003


I conclude from your enlightening comment that it would not be appropriate
to post anymore messages
by David Schanoes to the list, and I will not do so, since I am a supporter
of the list, and wish to respect
the wishes of list-owners and list-members.

The reason why I posted David's comments was, that although he got some
different issues and agendas
mixed up, he also had a valid statement to make and a valid criticism, and
if possible, I prefer to focus
on the rational kernel in what somebody says, rather than their social,
sexual, political or intellectual
incompetencies, which cannot be judged adequately anyway from an email

My own frustration with David sprang more from his malformed thoughts and
somewhat insulting, abusive
style which showed little sense of purpose or style and contained little
that was very informative.

Thanks for your comment,


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