Fisk the Barbarian

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Sat Jul 26 14:45:24 MDT 2003 has translated and published at least a dozen of
Fisk's articles.  It took some time for us to see him through.

"It is we Westerners - with our dangerous, all-conquering armies and our
easy identification of evil - who fall over our moral sensitivities at the
mere sight of a mortuary mug-shot."

Fisk and the likes of him play a vital ideological role.  In the age of the
unchallenged imperialist barbarity they play the part of  "the West"'s
moral consciousness.  The general impression they want to create is that, all
the bad things notwithstanding,  "the West" is still the best thing that
happened to mankind, that it remains the bastion of "decency" if only
because "we Westerners" include Fisks.  This is how they want their Western
audience feel good about themselves,left or right.  Yet, good actors as they
are, these professional flaming hearts of Western imperialism must find
playing this role increasingly dangerous for their reputation, at least for
their reputation among their non-Wetstern audience. For the unmitigated
barbarity of "we Westerners" is no longer possible not to notice.  So in this
seemingly unwinnable situation Fisks have decided precisely that - NOT to

Take his last story. Fisk pretends that there is nothing morally
reprehensible, nothing "indecent" and "uncivilized", nothing BARBAROUS in the
very fact of publishing the pictures of mutilated political leaders murdered
by "Western" soldiers together with a 14-year old son of the one of them.
Yet only several months ago this same "West" of Fisks pretended an outrage at
the Aljazeera's publication of photos with dead American soldiers, real
international criminals.  Fisk is a fake, who has nothing to do with the West
of Hieronymus Bosch and Goya, St. Francis and Leonardo, Rousseau and Blake,
Fourier and Marx.  He is the son of Western barbarity, not of Western
humanism.  When I think of Fisk I think of the "lying tongues" of the white
men, as American "Indians" used to call their "civilizers."

Vadim Stolz

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