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Richard Harris rhh1 at
Sat Jul 26 19:06:11 MDT 2003

Using the arguments of Vyadim Stolz all people born and raised in the
the West would seem to be excluded from taking a critical attitude
towards Western imperialism ... Fisk is an honest reporter who supplies
those of us who oppose western imperialism with information that is valuable

Einde O'Callaghan

I agree totally with the above posting.  It is abhorrent to blame Fisk using
some concocted criterion that totally disregards the man's personal motives,
often expressed in his reports.  Of course, what Vyadim claimed could be
true ~ it is within the realm of the possible.  But Fisk's track record, as
Einde's full post argued, militates strongly against that.

I find it disappointing that one of the very few reporters who is struggling
to describe the invasion as the crime it is is personally scapegoated
because of his origins.  The journalist Marx himself would not escape such

If there is a case against Fisk as a person, please make it.  Otherwise, you
seem to have libelled him.


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