(fed from Lenni Brenner) Anti-Semitism, Old and New

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"Anti-Semitism, Old and New"
By Lenni Brenner
(in) Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St. Clair (Eds),
The Politics Of Anti-Semitism,
AK Press, (Release date, 10/03)

We live in a singular era. The Jews have survived thousands of years
of oppression of Judaism as a religion, and, in modern times, against
them as a race.  But today American anti-Semitism has retreated into
the wings of politics, yet Judaism and Zionism also are in distinct

Every poll confirms what one panelist at a recent New York Zionist
establishment seminar emphasized: Anti-Semitism based on traditional
themes - the Jews as economic exploiters and/or competitors, or as a
racial danger to gentiles - "is a fire that has burned itself out."

Every US Jewish establishment poll reports that an ever diminishing
minority of elderly say 'yes' to 'are Jews cheats in business,' etc.,
while Jews have been elected Senators in states with tiny Jewish
populations. Jews have become America's role model. Middle class
gentiles who want to send their kids to a good private university,
rate a school by 2 criteria: How many Jewish professors and Chinese
students does it have?

Yet many, left and right, Jew and gentile, fear that history repeats
itself: There will be another great depression. Wall Street will ask
central casting for another Hitler to protect them and crush the
left. The Jews will be slaughtered.

They don't know that Mussolini played with anti-Semitism at the start
of his Fascist Party, but gave it up when he realized that Italians
saw Jews as victims of medieval Papal fanaticism. He had Jews in his
cabinet and trained the founders of Israel's navy at his maritime
academy. When he finally allied himself to Hitler and imitated
Germany's anti-Jewish laws, he lost many crucial supporters.

Most American politicians are murderous but sane. They understand that
attacks on Jews qua Jews won't ever sell in a country whose 1st
President welcomed the Jews and assured them of their right to be

The rabbis and Zionists dispair. A 2001 poll found that 49% of our
Jews had checked out of Judaism. By now, a majority have abandoned it
for atheism.  Intermarriage is the norm for young Jews. They are
welcome by their new in-laws and the society around them.

Zionist recruiters must now focus on 'Islamic anti-Semitism.'
Occasionally a synagogue or individual Jews are attacked in Europe or
the US by Muslims. This must be denounced in no uncertain terms by the
human rights community. But it is only to be expected. Zionists never
stop proclaiming that they represent 'the Jews.' Is it strange that
some ignorant Muslims believe them and equate Judaism with Zionism?

I write only days after Hamas and Islamic Jihad declared a 3-month
military truce in their suicidal resistance terror-war against Zionist
domination of their native land. Whether it is extended primarily
depends on the Zionists' response to their demand that Israel ends its
most blatant forms of oppression.  But a lesson has been
learned. Attack Israelis as such and you only isolate yourself.

If Israel continues to oppress the Palestinians, and Hamas &
Co. return to kamikaze resistance, they will lose support among
Palestinians and worldwide.  Everyone with a speck of political savvy
now understands that the only way to expose and defeat Zionism in the
future is to show the world the oppression of Palestinians, and
mobilize Palestinians, progressive Israelis and Jews, and the world at
large, in demonstrations against those injustices.

Progressive Americans must continue to smash up Nazi and Kluxer
rallies.  History is against them in the long run. But history works
thru us crushing them in the short run. So history is likewise on our
side In the struggle against Zionism. Our focus must be to build a
democratic secular movement for one democratic secular
Palestinian/Israeli state. That and only that will end all Zionist

If Hamas is so stupid as to again react militarily against Zionist
provocations, we must condemn such atrocities and explain to its ranks
that the winning strategy is massive peaceful demonstrations that
isolate the Zionist establishment in Israel and the world.

All observers agree that old-style anti-Semitism is retreating into
oblivion.  When Zionism is politically defeated and all Palestinians
have full equality in all the land between the Jordan and the
Mediterranean, 'Islamic anti-Semitism' will likewise lose its popular
appeal. But not a minute before. Bluntly put: If you want to end
today's 'anti-Semitism' against Jews, end Zionism's 'anti-Semitism'
against Palestinians.


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