A brief report on Fidel's speech July 26 speech

Chris Brady cdbrady at attglobal.net
Sun Jul 27 00:08:49 MDT 2003

An editorial masquerading as a report in our daily paper today,
by-lined from AP news service, heaped insults on Cuba and
the Revolution.  It was brought to my attention by an old comrade
I was visiting.  I had made a toast to the Rev and he pointed to
the paper.  I  read it and started laughing.  The article mentioned
the long list of benefits of the Revolution but then advised that
Cubans still had to put up with food rationing.  How many
millions of this world's humans would love to have guaranteed
nutrition?  Just more utter nonsense propaganda from the
imperial center against the audacity of socialism.

I am relieved no one on this list had the gall to post the pair of
anti-Cuban Op-Eds from yesterday's New York Times.  I will
touch on one point that made my ancient friend's eyes roll with
disbelief, tho, and that was the charge that Castro's Cuban jails
are harsher and more abusive of human rights than Bastista.
Give me a buh-rake.

¡Viva La Revolución!

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