letters to the BBC about Blair and Dr Kelly

Richard Harris rhh1 at gotadsl.co.uk
Sun Jul 27 04:51:37 MDT 2003

readers might like to see some of the comments on the BBC website on this

Could you say thank you to Esther? I had begun to think that I was the only
person who felt unhappy at the acceptance of this instant verdict. Perhaps
without causing the family any more grief someone could examine how a man
who was under constant scrutiny - if not surveillance ? - could walk away to
his death in this way?
Alexandra Shepherd

Well done Esther Rantzen. I agree - as a doctor - that murder seems a strong
possibility. Where does that take us?
Peter Hill

Until Dr Kelly's Inquest is completed why is Dr Kelly's death presumed as
suicide? If he was the source of Andrew Gilligan's story his death would
have been vital to prevent full disclosure of the extent of conspiracy
behind the Iraq War. Less prominent figures have received physical threats
to prevent information that might compromise the War on Terrorism. Andrew
Gilligan needs and deserves total support from BCC and the public.
Dai Williams

Why does everyone assume Dr Kelly took his own life? Other experts in the
past who knew far too much for the comfort of governments somehow died when
it became clear they were prepared to keep on talking. As he had already
been thrown to the lions by the MoD he had no more to lose. He had already
spoken again to the press. He had to be silenced once for all in case he
disclosed even more. A convenient suicide was the best option for those
interested in silence. I think we have a naivete to which we cling to avoid
the unthinkable. In a true democracy all options are thinkable and I do not
trust any restraint on that. It leaves us with a nightmare, but we had that
David Woodrow

It isn't Tony Blair's mis-pronunciation of "Niger" that worries me, but his
shock!! horror!! raised voice every time he reminds us that in 1982 Saddam
bought TWO HUNDRED AND SEVENTY TONS of partly processed uranium ore from
Niger. In fact the most advanced processing plants in the world would be had
put to extract enough weapons-grade uranium to make even one small nuclear
weapon from such a small quantity. While we know that Blair's knowledge of
science is so abysmal that he defends the state school at Gateshead that
teaches that the world is less than 10,000 years old, but is the PM really
so now so isolated that nobody dares to tell him that many thousands of tons
of yellow cake uranium would be needed to get to the starting gate in a
weapons programme.
(Prof.) Patrick Boylan

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