From the soldiers of the 2nd Brigade....

Fred Feldman ffeldman at
Sun Jul 27 05:42:08 MDT 2003

I have no definite answers to these good questions.  The letter was
distributed by GI Resistance which has distributed some material that
has proven reliable so far, but I know little about the group other
than that.   The letter is unusual in that it seems to me that it may
have been written, at least in part,  by officers.  I suspect this
because of the intensity of pride in the "hero" status, despite the
modest demurrer,  and the intensity of devotion to fulfilling their
missions. It also indicates no
awareness of the feelings of the Iraqi people -- not even of the "they
don't want us here" type that is common among rank and filers.

To me it sounds like the work of professional soldiers, which most
volunteers are not.

I decided to send it out to the lists because (1) this would lead to
its being authenticated or not and if not, I would retract, and (2) I
am inclined to think it is authentic.  I think that this is the
brigade where soldiers have been threatened with discipline for making
such statements.

I am sure this is not an RT Mark "parody" or something of that sort.
If it turns out to be fake, it is disinformation of some kind.  One
possible suspicious circumstance: The use of the phrase, "Our morale
is not low, but nonexistent," which has appeared widely in the media

As I said, I believe this is authentic.  But you might want to wait a
bit before adopting it as a piece of literature for  your group.


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