Joseph Dietzgen

Mark Lause MLause at
Sun Jul 27 11:21:49 MDT 2003

The Marx Archive has two works by Dietzgen posted, linked to his page at

There are biographical posts on him at

The Charles H. Kerr Company at Chicago published several collections of
his writings, including _The Positive Outcome of Philosophy_, translated
by Ernest Untermann and introducted by Anton Pannekoek. 1906, as well as
_Philosophical Essays_ translated by Untermann, M. Beer, Th. Rothstein.
1917. (I suspect that the former recalls Comte's philosophy


PS: His son, Eugene Dietzgen had a major hand in seeing to the
collection and publication of this material after Joseph Dietzgen's
death.  The large sign for Dietzgen's factory used to stare back at
commuters on the Fullerton El stop at Chicago.  I don't know if it still
does, since they were yupping up the neighborhood considerably when I
left almost twenty years ago.

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