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As always, an ideology is not so much about what you see as about how you 
see that according to your Weltsanschauung. The Brazilian bourgeois press, 
whose usual degree of mendacity is rising above average levels lately, is 
trying hard to present the landless as a kind of "Communist" movement 
actively "pressing" Lula. They're not "pressing" anything. We're in the 
middle of a process of _spontaneous_ upsurge as against the rightist 
downturn of the Lula government, an upsurge that includes all kinds of 
partial reivindications: petit-bourgeois ones, as against the scrapping of 
public services proposed by the Lula's IMF - sponsored Social Security 
"Reform"; lumpenized ones, as the recent wave of forcible squatting into 
unused real state in São Paulo; and peasant-cum-proletarian ones, as 
expressed in the swelling of landless agitation by urban unemployed who 
have decided to entrer MST agitation in order to try settling into a rural 
plot as an alternative to massive urban umemployment. Such agitation is 
entirely non-political and corporatist, but puts the menace of the 
emergence of general radicalization, something for which the PT bears the 
responsabilty entirely, as a Lula government who had taken the refprmist 
path, no matter how limited, would never face such consequences. When Mr. 
Rother speaks about "pressuring" his is giving the spontaneously upsurge a 
political character strictu sensu that exists only in his ideologically 
tinted imagination.

Regards_Carlos Rebello

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