IRSCNA: US Government Exceeds Its Authority to Deport Ex-INLA Volunteer

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27 July 2003
Irish Republican Socialist Committees of North America

United States Government Exceeds Its Authority to Deport Ex-INLA

In deporting John Eddie McNicholl, the U.S. Department of Homeland
Security Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement issued a
statement that accused McNicholl of being a member of the "Irish
National Liberation Army (INLA), a terrorist organization in Northern

However, the INLA has never been included on the US State
Department's Terrorist Organisations List.  That the INLA is not on
the State Department's list demonstrates that the The U.S. Department
of Homeland Security Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement
are ignoring the procedures mandated by the Congress of the United
States for identifying an organisation as "terrorist" for state

Bernadette Devlin McAliskey has called the IRSP and INLA, "the most
persecuted organisation in Irish history," and the deportation of
John Eddie McNicholl is but the latest example of the vicious and
vindictive actions taken against the movement by the British,
American, and Irish governments since its founding nearly thirty
years ago.

The Irish Republican Socialist Committees of North American (IRSCNA),
the organisation which represents the Irish Republican Socialist
Party (IRSP, the political wing of the INLA) in Canada and the United
States, issued a statement saying:

"The IRSCNA believe that the deportation of John Eddie McNicholl was
pursued not because he presented any threat to the people of the
United States, but specifically because of his former membership in
the INLA.  This is most likely because of the refusal of the Irish
Republican Socialist Party (IRSP) and INLA to support the failed
peace process which culminated in the now discredited Good Friday
Agreement, as well as the outspoken opposition by the IRSP and INLA
to the imperialist misadventures of the present US regime in
Afghanistan and Iraq.

"The INLA has been on cease-fire since August 22, 1998, when they
recognised that there was no significant support for continuation of
the tactic of armed struggle among Irish working people.  Since that
time, the IRSP has presented one of the most far reaching proposals
for ensuring an end to violence in Ireland's occupied six counties,
the Non-Aggression Pact Plan.  This plan was designed to enable the
working class communities on both sides of the sectarian divide--who
have borne the brunt of the Troubles over almost four decades,
without the intervention of the partitionist governments on the
island of Ireland or the involvement of foreign governments.

"Regardless of the what the INLA's present policies are, John Eddie
McNicholl had been living quietly in Pennsylvania with his wife and
three children for approximately fifteen years before being deported.
There were no active extradition requests seeking his return to
either Ireland or Britain and he had not been charged with having
broken any laws while resident in the United States.  Moreover, the
Irish republican and republican socialist prisoners being held for
offenses which took place prior to the Good Friday Agreement (GFA)--
with the notable exception of fellow INLA member Dessie O'Hare, who
is still being held by the Dublin government--have all since been
released under the terms of the GFA.

"McNicholl has a record of being a responsible and law-abiding
American resident. His arrest and deportation violate both normal
Homeland Security Agency and INS practice.  They demonstrate not the
slightest concern for the hardship imposed upon his family by the
sudden change.  John McNicholl's arrest and deportation were carried
out in a manner which ensured the humiliation of arrest,
incarceration, and being dragged through the court system with no
consideration of either the changed political realities of Ireland
today or of the changes McNicholl has gone through personally during
his approximately fifteen years as a US resident.  While normally an
immigrant is served with a written notice telling him to report
to the INS in about two weeks, McNicholl was taken from his home
without notice, shackled and handcuffed, with no time to bring his
personal affairs in order.

"The actions of the present US administration towards John Eddie
McNicholl further erode the civil liberties of all American residents
and serve to demonstrate the continued disdain the American
government has for the rule of law.  From the stealing of a
Presidential election, to an internationally condemned war of
aggression against the people of Iraq, to the abrogation of existing
treaties, to the violation of Geneva Conventions on prisoners of war,
the present Administration and the US Government as a whole have
increasingly provided a model of a descent into barbarism."

In concluding, the IRSCNA spokesperson said:

"It is imperative that Irish republicans and republican socialists in
America, along with all others who seek to preserve the civil
liberties of US residents and combat the trampling of those rights
presently underway contact their representatives in Congress and
oppose the manner in which the Administration continues to violate
civil rights."

Send messages of opposition to changes to the US/UK Extradition
Treaty.  This revision removes the traditional "political exemption"
safeguards.   Individual senators email can be identified
at: .


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