US troops

Richard Harris rhh1 at
Mon Jul 28 04:35:16 MDT 2003

"One of the less reported effects of the war in Iraq ..."

23:24 through this programme.  The programme is only on the site until next
Sunday.  Clip until 30:00.

It's a sad report about interactions between US troops and some children in

Canterbury, Kent.

p.s. one contributor to marxmail thought western liberal reporters were of
this stamp:
'The general impression they want to create is that, all
the bad things notwithstanding,  "the West" is still the best thing that
happened to mankind, that it remains the bastion of "decency" '

I think this a mistaken view one could very easily make from Russia.
Reporters like Dan Daemon are under real pressure from the UK government.
Reports like these would never be published in the Murdoch press (The Times)
or in the BBC again, if the government could reshape it.

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