Newsflash: Ford Motor Co. wins French Police Car Contract

Jurriaan Bendien bendien at
Mon Jul 28 05:44:26 MDT 2003

PARIS, July 22 (AFP) - The Ford Motor Co will deliver up to 6,000 cars to
the French national police over the next three years for use in patrolling
highways, the US automaker and the French state purchasing agency said
Tuesday. A Ford spokesman said the vehicle deliveries were to begin next
year. French carmakers Renault, Peugeot and Citroen were selected to supply
a smaller number of cars and vans, the agency's purchasing director
Jean-Paul Rouffignac told AFP. Renault is to supply 4,000 vans, Peugeot 600
vans and Citroen 160 cars. Renault's share of the deal is worth 91.7 million
euros (104.2 million dollars), Ford 74.7 million euros, Peugeot 16.2 million
euros and six million for Citroen. In 1999 Ford became the first non-French
carmaker to supply the French state.

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