Chirac on tour: He rejects "Law of the Jungle" for French Peacemaking in Malaysia

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Mon Jul 28 06:05:00 MDT 2003

Chirac hits out at 'law of jungle' rule
PUTRAJAYA, Malaysia, July 22 (AFP) - Visiting French President Jacques
Chirac, accepting a Malaysian peace award for his opposition to the US-led
war on Iraq, said Tuesday the world should not be ruled by the "law of the
jungle". Chirac was speaking after being presented with the inaugural Kuala
Lumpur World Peace Award by Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, who
was also a strong opponent of the war.
"We can't agree any longer on the law of the strongest, on the law of the
jungle," Chirac said through an official translator. "What we need is an
international structure, an international mechanism, that can do away with
unilateralism and bring about multilateralism." All countries should be able
to make their voices heard so that none felt sidelined, marginalised or
humiliated, he said. "That undoubtedly is going to be the foundation of
peace in the world." Chirac said the United Nations "may not be a perfect
organisation". "It could be better structured, modernised, brought up to
date, but it is an unavoidable organisation."
France calls for new UN Iraq resolution
UNITED NATIONS, July 22 (AFP) - France said Tuesday it would support a new
UN resolution on Iraq as long as such a resolution backed "a true
international partnership" to help rebuild the war-torn country. Washington
however continues to assert that an existing resolution already provides an
adequate framework for countries wishing to participate in Iraq's affairs.
Resolution 1483, approved by the Security Council May 22, defines the UN's
role in Iraq, which is currently limited to humanitarian aid and political
advice under the current US-British management of the country. "France
remains convinced that everyone would win if a true international
partnership was put in place, and a global approach to the security,
political and economic problems was overseen by the United Nations," said
Jean-Marc de La Sabliere, France's UN envoy, during the open debate here. US
officials participating in the debate said Resolution 1483 remains valid.
At the US State Department in Washington, spokesman Richard Boucher said
Powell has informally discussed the issue of the UN mandate in Iraq with UN
Secretary General Kofi Annan and other foreign ministers. "It's a topic of
discussion ... between various members of the (UN Security) Council as to
whether there could be a stronger - some different UN mandate that would
encourage even more than 1483," Boucher said. Boucher said several foreign
officials contacted by Powell wanted to first hear about the Iraq situation
from UN representative Sergio Vieira de Mello, who addressed the council
Tuesday. "But I don't think there's anything quite going to the point yet of
whether us or somebody else might put forward a resolution," Boucher
cautioned. "It's a matter of discussion, and we'll see where the discussion
Late Monday Powell spoke with Indian Foreign Minister Yashwant Sinha and
said he was looking into possibly seeking a resolution on Iraq, the
government in New Delhi said. Powell said Washington "will look at the
possibility of a new ... resolution with a broader UN mandate," said an
Indian govenment statement. Earlier this month India's cabinet rejected a US
request for some 17,000 troops to join an Iraq stabilization force, but had
suggested troops could be deployed with explicit UN authorisation.
French-Iraqi nuclear collaboration leads to islamic conversion
(...) Mahmoud is a former Iraqi nuclear scientist who was posted to France
20 years ago as part of a cooperation programme between Paris and the
government of Saddam Hussein. But contemplating the enormity of atomic
weapons prompted a religious conversion, and he became a dissident in exile.
Today he is a senior figure in the Union of Islamic Organisations of France
(UOIF), which is set to play an influential role in the country's first ever
government-recognised body - the French Council for the Muslim Religion. He
himself was voted onto the Council's general assembly in its first elections
in April.
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