the death of David Kelly -- the Judith Miller connexion

Ben Halligan B.Halligan at
Mon Jul 28 08:11:22 MDT 2003

The WSWS and The Independent on Sunday (27 July) note that Dr Kelly's just-before-he-died email, in which he spoke of 'dark actors playing games', was to Judith Miller, of all people. Plus they'd known each other for years.

The Independent piece also fills in Dr Kelly's intelligence status - which seems to have been very far-reached; far from the "humble civil servant" he was initially cast as - he was *the* British expert on WMD. His status "allowed him to move in senior circles without having administrative responsibilities".

Kelly's status as an "honest" expert, pissed off to the extent that he was leaking to the press against the government, and as a friend of Miller's (right up to the last few hours), raises baffling questions.

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