(fwd from Will Miller) Re: googling on "GI Resistance"

Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Mon Jul 28 08:46:10 MDT 2003


	This is the web site of "Vietnam Veterans Against the
War--Anti-Imperialist," (VVAW-AI).   Vietnam Veterans Against the War
(VVAW) has a web site at http://www.vvaw.org  These two groups should
not be confused with one another.


 From the VVAW web page:

"Beware of VVAW AI

This notice is to alert you to a handful of individualists calling
themselves the "Vietnam Veterans Against the War Anti-Imperialist."
Though few in number, they are highly mobile and may show up at
meetings or demonstrations representing themselves as VVAW..

"VVAW AI" is not a faction, caucus or part of VVAW, Inc. They are not
affiliated with us in any way. "VVAW AI" is actually the creation of
an obscure, ultra-left sect called the Revolutionary Communist Party
and is designed to pimp off of VVAW's history of struggle. Their
objective is to create confusion and deception in order to promote

We urge all people and organizations to beware of this bogus outfit.
Don't be fooled. They are not what they claim. Forewarned is

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