2 More US Dead (or Injured??)

D OC donaloc at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 28 08:58:38 MDT 2003

This was carried by RTE radio. It reminded me of what the Brits used to do
over here. A friend of mine used to be in the US marines; he reckons, they
often used to downcount deaths by spreading casualties in road traffic
accidents in Germany (etc).

>Earlier, two US soldiers were badly wounded when their patrol was attacked
>with a grenade in central Baghdad.

>Witnesses are quoted as saying the two soldiers appeared to have died after
>a man dropped a grenade on their vehicle from a road bridge at an
>intersection in broad daylight.

On radio versions of this report, the witnesses who said these guys were
dead were 'policemen'. No doubt, they might embarrass the US authorities
into admitting the truth here.

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