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Louis Proyect lnp3 at
Mon Jul 28 09:47:35 MDT 2003

I agree with Lou Pr.  Mr. Alam´s evaluation of the revolutionary 
potential at the core is too rash.

Not only there were revolutions at the core, and not only the Communist
Parties (at best out of fear for the fate of the USSR during a full 
scale confrontation with the imperialist bourgeoisies) stiffled the 
imminent Second Stage of World War in Western Europe (I am thinking of 
at least three distinct possibilities for the working class to seize 
control, France, Italy and Greece, which were stopped not by lack of 
potential but by shyness on the C.P. side).

The whole history of the Twentieth Century, Cold War, A-Bombs and 
H-Bombs included, mark the stress to which the imperialist bourgeoisies 
were put by the necessities of "social peace".  Now, we are witnessing 
the slow dissolution of every dyke raised by the bourgeoisie in order to 
contain the revulsive tendencies inherent to the system the globe over. 
  Maybe we shall be lucky enough to witness the first waves of 
revolutionary movements within the core itself, and if we aren´t, I am 
dead sure our children (and Mr. Alam´s children) will have _that_ joy.

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