Bourgeois revolution?

Mark Lause MLause at
Mon Jul 28 11:11:29 MDT 2003

I suspect that Marx (and others who began to use the concept) intended
the concept of a "bourgeois revolution" more to describe the outcome of
the process more than the process itself.  I think don't think the
bourgeoisie itself--as such--ever led or could lead a revolution...if,
for no other reason, because it could not yet exist in the coherent form
of a ruling class.

Indeed, the class interests of the bourgeoisie determine little that
doesn't involve the accumulation of capital...making money.  In pursuit
of this, the bourgeoisie demonstrated its willingness to do deals with
Junkers, samarai, slaveholding planters, etc.  It will defend an open
door to other peoples or remove them to reservations...or it will even
embrace the standards that had them marrying off their own daughters off
to European nobles.

Mark L.

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