Bourgeois Revolution ?

Jurriaan Bendien bendien at
Mon Jul 28 11:20:33 MDT 2003

"A major result of the Revolution was both to unify the nation and to
centralize the state far more than had ever been done before, but it was not
to transform the essential social relations of production or to create a new
capitalist society. this would only happen in the half-century that
followed" - George Rude, foreword in George C. Comninel, Rethinking the
French Revolution: Marxism and the Revisionist Challenge (Verso, 1987), p.
xii. In other words, France remained largely a peasant, petty-bourgeois
country for quite some time, after the overturn of power. Bukharin seems to
have grasped this.

See further The Bourgeois Revolutions, by Robert Lochhead, IIRE Notebook for
Study and Research no. 11/12 which examines the English (1640-1660) and
French (1789) revolutions.


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