13,000 People Deported from the US

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Mon Jul 28 11:30:47 MDT 2003


Immigrants Fear Deportation After Registration
Number of Mideast, Muslim Men Expelled Rises Sharply
By Nurith C. Aizenman and Edward Walsh
Washington Post Staff Writers
Monday, July 28, 2003; Page A01

Andre Aniba acknowledges he hasn't always played by the rules. In 1998, the former pastry chef came to the United States from Tunisia on a three-month tourist visa. He has lived here ever since.

But when Congress passed legislation two years later that allowed illegal immigrants to apply for permanent residency, Aniba quickly sent in the proper forms. Early this year, when the government called on visitors from 25 nations that are considered havens for terrorists to register with immigration authorities, he dutifully appeared.

To his horror, Aniba, whose application to work as a chef at a Maryland restaurant was pending, was told he would be deported.
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