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Les Schaffer schaffer at optonline.net
Mon Jul 28 13:18:05 MDT 2003


> This is exactly how Yahoo's sytem works.

which gets exactly to the issue i need to solve: security. in the
yahoo system, you need to log on before you send an email.

Lou and I would want a way to verify that the composer of the email is
a bona fide subscriber to the elist. so i would need to do some
password thingy, probably on a per-subscriber basis, so we could, for
example, handle control of non-subscribers and of purged -- err
unsubbed -- people when they "need to cool down".

i've got some ideas how to do this, need to chew on it a while.

it does seem tho that such a system would help two classes of people:

  -- subscribers with (possibly hard to access) internet access but no
  (stable/robust) email access

  -- subscribers looking for more comfortable way to read and post to
  the list.

Juaid Alam: is correct that we would prefer to not have a one-page
does all system, as we would prefer to use the Unix method of wiring
existing pieces of the puzzle together ourselves for robustness and
customization purposes. A move to Hans' server (likely happening this
fall) would give us even greater flexibility to make this happen.

Eli: re/ his suggestion on Listserv: Listserv software is not
available at Lou's current list provider. and Hans' machine would give
us Mailman, which we feel is even better than Listserv in many
ways. however, i do not know if Mailman has built-in web-based mail
composition. but it would be easy for me to add this on, which is one
of my ideas.

other functions a web based composition system would offer:

  -- reformatting of staircase messages

  -- stripping of attachments (no viruses!)

  -- stripping html or converting it to plain text

  -- ???

les schaffer

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