Les Schaffer proposal

Walter Lippmann walterlx at enet.cu
Mon Jul 28 16:36:12 MDT 2003

I have to put in my password
once every twenty-four hours,
even if I'm the moderator of
the list. It's no biggy to me.

CubaNews converts all posts
to plain text, which eliminates
the virus problem, but also it
elinates the possibility of my
sending graphics. I have a
separate list, to which I only
post, where graphics can be
used from time to time.

While I'm in Cuba I've found no
trouble receiving my regular mail
from Yahoo as well as my mail
from Infocom, my Cuban server.
I don't send via Earthlink because
it would require my using one
individual web-page for each one
of my messages, an intolerable
burden in a dial-up environment.

On CubaNews, they put the ads
at the end, which isn't obtrusive.
On my smaller list, which is also
managed through Yahoo, they
put the ads ahead of the text,
which is a nuisance.

People without stable addresses,
or those smaller Hotmail and Yahoo
accounts can get the information via
web-only access. That's what I use
from time to time to see if things
are posted. I hope that there is a
non-advertising based solution to
this, though I've offered in the past
to financially contribute to making
Marxmail work and not be the large
financial burden I know it is for


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