Les Schaffer proposal

Xenon Zi-Neng Yuan wenhuadageming at comcast.net
Mon Jul 28 18:01:35 MDT 2003

At 07:48 PM 7/28/2003 -0400, you wrote:

>Lou and I haven't been looking at message board systems, instead we've
>discussed alternative email list software.
>If we convinced Lou to go with a message board system we would:
>   -- need to ensure that people who desire can read and contribute as
>   they do now, via email.
>   -- need to ensure passwd protection (i assume this is possible)
>i think tho that we'd be better off sticking with an elist, and ask
>participants to handle Subject lines more effectively. am not sure
>message board really solves this problem completely, since it would
>not prevent straying from the topic of the Subject line.

i agree that there are pluses and minuses, such as the one you've mentioned
(although if a msg board system is robust enough, a moderator usually has
more control over where posts can end up or be moved to, and even whether
they stay at all).  i'm content with an email list if that's still the most
practical of course.

>i have to look to see how the archives are threaded, whether it goes
>only by Subject line or whether it inspects other headers. i think its
>pretty smart, for example, Mark Lause changed the Subject line from
>"Re: Dialectical Materialism" to "Joseph Dietzgen", but mhonarc was
>clever enough to know it was the same thread.

yes, it usually does a good job, just not perfect  =D


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