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Richard Harris rhh1 at
Mon Jul 28 18:45:11 MDT 2003

Someone said:

> Undemocratic? Keep [the] democracy of slavocrats [the pre-end-of-civil war
USA] for yourselves, while
> we keep our slavery-free "undemocracy"...

Democracy means people are equal.

In democracy, there is no political process, as people are equal.

'undemocracy' I guess means the negative, treating some people as less than
equal.  For example, in decision taking (not in the party, only a garbage
collector {dustman, to British readers}, black, white, female, tall, a
worker / serf / slave and so on.)

Marx was violently against that (do you need text citations?)  So am I.

There is never any justification for opposing the democracy ~ peoples' rule.
The kind of stupid game playing that is seen above is the train ticket to
the Gulags.  Slavery-free undemocracy is not slavery-free.  Have you never
heard of wage slavery?  The favellas of Brazil?  If you don't think wage
work is slavery, you are outside Marx's conception of the world.  Slavery

Democracy is a heart beat away from socialism.  No wonder classical Athens
was in permanent crisis (the stasis, as the histories say), with democracy
yet a class system and inequality.

How could Capitalist private property survive one month of true democracy?

Democracy and socialism are parallel concepts.


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