Les Schaffer proposal

Xenon Zi-Neng Yuan wenhuadageming at comcast.net
Mon Jul 28 19:20:01 MDT 2003

At 02:33 AM 7/29/2003 +0200, you wrote:
>Well immediate issues include the tying in to a web client. Why this is a
>negative is because especially academic institutions etc may well restrict
>access to email only in certain cases. Also it brings in a secondary issue of
>browser compatibility. With normal email, all clients whether they be
>Outlook, Eudora or whatever will have 100% success rate with reading emails.
>Depending on the quality of a web-based system, it may introduce reliance on
>certain feature sets which exclude portions of the audience through
>- outdated software etc.

i do agree about this.  like i said, the trade-off might not be worth it at
this time.

>Email clients also have features like threading, filtering, deleting and
>otherwise managing and organising messages which the web interface will
>never be
>able to match. The ability to filter into different sub-folders based on the
>presence of certain keywords in subject lines or body text for example.

i've set up filters before, but have not found a formula for arranging
messages by thread in a functionally (if not visually) similar manner to
what happens on a bbs/webboard.  could you suggest a method for me perhaps
(offlist)?  i use eudora on windows.  (sorry, gave up on linux a while back)

>Another issue is the potential to block sites at a firewall and so on - likely
>to be more prevalent for http traffic than email.

good point


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