Problems with Marxmail

David Quarter davidquarter at
Mon Jul 28 20:32:57 MDT 2003

From:           	John Paramo <albatrosrojo2000 at>

> I would appreciate that Les subscribe me to the
> web-based system of posting so I can avoid this
> problem again as they told me there will be no
> solution in the immediate future.
> Thanks!


 I would urge you switch to a non-web based account, as the web
based ones such as Yahoo! and Hotmail tend to create the types
of problems. I recommend Pegasus mail, which is a free service
that I've been using for as long as I've had a computer (ie., since
'99). With it, you would receive unlimited space in your mail box
(i.e, you are not *required* to clear your mail box) there is no
advertising and in general junk mail is limited. ANd best of all, you
wouldn't have to access your messages through the net. So, if your
internet connection is bad for some reason, you should be still able
to read your e-mail.

just my advise...


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